Once a book gets my attention I have a hard time focusing on the “real” world. My husband and child sometimes have to call my name a couple of times before I hear them. Luckily, I am a fast reader because once a book is started I want to finish it in one sitting. Late night reading sometimes ends up with me finally going to sleep at 12:00am. I don’t read horror or true crime stories because I think someone is in the house with me and I don’t sleep at all. My go to books are motivational nonfiction and sassy romances.

Other nonfiction sections I like to peruse include leadership/management, personal improvement, psychology, art, travel, biography, and books about libraries. I also have a love for cookbooks (they must have pictures) although I must confess I have a hatred for cooking or baking.

Favorite authors include: Brandon Stanton, Roxane Gay, Jenny Lawson, and Jen Sincero.

Favorite romance authors: Tessa Dare, Kristan Higgins, Jennifer Crusie, and Katie Ruggle.

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