Just because you're stuck at home, doesn't mean you can't utilize all the great resources the library has to offer! We have online resources for educational children's activities, homework help, and learning new skills!


Be sure to check out:

-Early World of Learning (Pre-K/Elementary learning activities)

-Explora Primary Schools (K-5 Homework Help)

-Explora Secondary Schools (6-12 Homework Help)

-Kids Infobits (Elementary Curriculum Content)

-Literary Reference Center (High School/College Literary Research)

-Lynda (Tech, Business and Creative Skills for Teens-Adults)

-Science Reference Center (Science Encyclopedias)

-Transparent Language (All Ages Language Learning Courses)

-World Book (All Ages Encyclopedias)


To access these and many more resources go to OWL (Ohio Web Library) and choose “All Resources.” From there you can choose from these and many more educational resources.


Want to travel the world from the comfort of your home? We have the resources for that too!


Check out:

- AtoZ Maps Online (Map Databases)

-AtoZ The USA (US State Encyclopedia)

-AtoZ World Food (International Recipes and Culinary Resources)

-Global Road Warrior (World Countries Database)


They can be found under our “INTERESTS” tab. Select “RESEARCH HELP” and scroll down to the “History, Geography, & Culture” heading.  

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