Limiting Catalog Results to Pick Up Location

Start by going to the main page in the catalog and choosing the location you would like to pick up materials from as the location in the drop down box as shown below.

From there, you can enter your search criteria and see if your pickup location has the item or not. The below example will show you what the page will look like if we do not have the title.

When the title is available at your selected pick up location, it will still give you the results for the entire consortium. You must then look below each title to see if it is available at your specific location. As shown below, there are over 100 titles available. When looking, only the results that say number of copies available at PORT CLINTON IDA RUPP PUBLIC LIBRARY (or your branch location) should be chosen. If your pick up location does not have it, it will say NO copies available at PORT CLINTON IDA RUPP PUBLIC LIBRARY (or selected pickup branch), as shown below.

If one of the titles available at your preferred pick up location is what you are wanting, simply click on the title and the following page will pop up.

You can then click on the PLACE HOLD button and put your library card and PIN numbers in.

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