Director's Dish

As Director, I hope you welcome the opportunity to attend Ida Rupp’s programs, explore the collections (both physical and digital), and familiarize yourself with all of the services the library offers. This article is the first of many I anticipate to write as a contributor to our newsletter.

Contrary to the persistent stereotype, libraries are not simply warehouses of materials, of things. This stigma has been steadily challenged by public libraries, nationally, during recent years; we hope you agree that the Ida Rupp Public Library, including the Erie Islands Library at Put-in-Bay, balances traditional services and experiences with newer trends and opportunities.

At the core of providing sound changes and balanced services is a library’s ability to communicate in a way that isn’t simply one-sided. Ideally, the communication is two-sided, a method that fosters dialogue, the exchange of input and ideas. So while this e-newsletter and various other library publications will serve as a means to publicize library news, please know that we count on, and encourage, your shared observations and feedback.

Of course, much of any public library’s success depends upon the community’s support. I encourage you to spread the word and recommend to your friends, relatives, neighbors, and colleagues to sign up for the newsletter, like us on Facebook, visit our website (that was re-launched this past December), and rekindle or start anew a relationship with the library. Whether attending a program, browsing our on-shelf magazines, or obtaining a library card, our efforts to connect with each other should prove to be a reciprocal and beneficial relationship.

Should you ever have a question or concern, please feel free to do so by sharing your experiences with a receptive staff, myself included. Even after having already worked at Ida Rupp for nearly two years, I still have much to learn about the community, individuals, and organizations. Like staff, I look forward to continuing to strengthen the library’s relationship with our community one interaction, one conversation at a time.

Tim Hagen, Director


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