December Director's Dish

The end of the year, from early November through December, seemingly always rushes by. Holidays are bunched together, family members’ birthdays dot the calendar, and tying up loose ends at home and at work can make one feel stressed, harried, and overwhelmed. A way I have started to cope with the end-of-year hustle is to acknowledge and list things for which I’m thankful and things that provide calm and peace. Doing so helps me focus on, more often than not, the positive and the humor in any given situation.

Below are listed several, but certainly not all-inclusive, library-related things for which I’m grateful:

  • Curious, loyal, and supportive patrons

  • Bright, dedicated, and engaged staff and colleagues

  • Willingness, by the community, staff, and administration, to think outside of the box and to put new ideas into practice

  • A sense of fulfillment, upon leaving for home most days, realizing that each day at the library leads to better things, no matter how big or small

And also in no particular order, please find the following list of movies and children stories (some are holiday themed, some not) that I’ve often returned to, like a favorite comfort food dish, that can lift moods, ease anxiety, and provide a little laughter during busy times.

  • ‘A Christmas Story’ – Bob Clark (dir)

  • ‘It Happened on Fifth Avenue’ – Roy Del Ruth (dir)

  • ‘Sullivan’s Travels’ – Preston Sturges (dir)

  • ‘The Santaland Diaries’ – David Sedaris

  • ‘The Gift of the Magi’ – O. Henry

  • ‘The Night After Christmas’ – James Stevenson

  • ‘The Man Who Came To Dinner’ – William Keighley (dir)

  • ‘Planes, Trains, and Automobiles’ – John Hughes (dir)

  • ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ – Frank Capra (dir)

If you’re in need of a chuckle or a moment of reflection, or both, please feel free to request them via our catalog, here:

Please have an enjoyable and relaxing end of the year. Sincerely - Tim

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