Who can get a library card? 

Anyone aged 5 or older or children entering kindergarten.

What do I need to bring with me to get a library card?

Adults (age 18 & older): A valid photo ID with current, correct mailing address.  If the address on  your ID is not current, a utility bill or some other postmarked item of mail may be used as proof of address.

Minors (under age 18): A parent or guardian, with their photo ID & proof of address, to fill out the registration form.

Adult cardholders must sign a Library Cardholder Agreement form if they want to allow other adults and/or their minor child(ren) to use their card in their absence.

Do I need to get separate cards for Ida Rupp, Marblehead, and Erie Islands?

No.  No matter where you sign up for a card it will be valid at all three of our locations as well as at the over 200 libraries connected to us by the SEO library system.

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