Free Wifi & public computer use (with or without a library card)

Public fax machine ($1.00 for first page, $0.10 for each additional)

Public Copier (includes enlarging and reducing capabilities)

  • Black and white: $0.10 single sided, $0.20 double sided

  • Color: $0.50 single sided, $1.00 double sided


Free scanning to e-mail

Voter registration forms

Golden Buckeye sign-up


Two licensed notaries on staff.  Please check ahead of time for availability.
(A note from our notaries: Please do not sign your forms until you are in front of the notary.)


Books: 28 days | Late Fee: $0.10/day

Browsing Collection Books: 7 days | Late Fee: $0.50/day


Books on CD/Playaways: 28 days | Late Fee: $0.10/day


Music CDs: 28 days | Late Fee: $0.10/day


DVDs: 7 days | Late Fee: $0.10/day

(10 per person)

Browsing Collection DVDs: 3 days | Late Fee: $0.50/day

(3 per person)


Puppets: 7 days | Late Fee: $0.10/day


 Video Games: 7 days | Late Fee: $0.10/day

Wifi Hotspots: 14 days | Late Fee: $2.00/day

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