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Bataan Death March


Bataan Gallery @ Ohio Memory

Danbury High School Class Photos Senior class photos for most years from 1926-present.

Digital Public Library of America Historic digital collections from libraries, museums, and archives across Ohio and more. The DPLA portal to photographs, maps, documents, and AV materials from across the country is a great starting place for your local history and genealogy reference.

Marblehead Lighthouse Historical Society - Ohio Access to scans of historical newspapers from Ohio.


Ohio Memory Project  Discover over 26000 primary sources from 330 archives, historical societies, libraries, and museums.

Old Stories, New Lessons  A collaborative project of Danbury Local Schools, Otterbein Marblehead, and Marblehead Peninsula Branch Library. From February through May of 2023, Mrs. Sampson’s Fifth-Grade Language Arts classes prepared
questions, conducted two rounds of interviews, organized their research results, and wrote the short profiles you will find in this book.


Ottawa County Genealogical Society  The Ottawa County Genealogical Society, a chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society, collects and preserves historical records, and makes such records available to members and the general public. The Ottawa County Genealogical Society also offers obituary and microfilm look-up as a service.

Port Clinton High School Yearbooks Scanned PDFs of yearbooks from Port Clinton High School 1950-2013.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps  Historic fire insurance maps, including maps of Port Clinton, Lakeside, and Marblehead. Digitized maps detail the historic homes and buildings of Ottawa County.

Toledo Blade Digital Newspaper 1869-2009  Digitized issues of the Toledo Blade. 

Digitized Microfilm on (in house use only) Digitized newspaper microfilm holdings from Ida Rupp Public Library.

Local History

Periodicals on Microfilm: 

The following local newspapers are available on microfilm at the library.

  • The Daily News, 1957- 1969

  • Ottawa County Democrat, 1857- 1864

  • Ottawa County Herald, 1906- 1928

  • Ottawa County News, 1865- 1956 (partial)

  • Ottawa County News Democrat, 1894- 1929

  • Ottawa County Union, 1869- 1871

  • The Peninsular News, 1916- 1987 (partial)

  • Port Clinton Herald and Republican, 1937- 1969

  • Port Clinton News Herald, 1969- present

  • The Port Clinton Progressive Times, 1922- 1931

  • Port Clinton Republican Herald, 1927- 1936

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