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Library Levy

The Ida Rupp Public Library is on the ballot November 7, 2023 to replace its 0.8 mil levy. Plan A outlines what will happen at the library if the levy passes. Plan B outlines what will happen at the library if the levy fails.

Plan A – If Levy Passes

Maintain Library Operating Hours

  • Maintain six day a week hours at all three locations.

Improvements to Physical Space

  • Renovation of the interior of Ida Rupp Public Library to include improved accessibility, new technology, new furniture, enhanced quiet and group study space, updated restrooms, new energy efficient lighting.

Enhanced Library Materials

  • Continue to expand titles available in Hoopla.

  • Continue to reduce wait times for holds for our card holders with the purchase of local licenses for materials in Libby/Overdrive.

  • Expansion of library of things to add to our current offerings of crafting tools, life jackets, and items like fishing poles.

  • Expansion of library databases.

Maintain Statewide Delivery Service

  • Continue delivery to libraries from other consortium libraries 5 days a week at Ida Rupp and 4 days a week at Marblehead.

Maintain Programming

  • Continuation and addition to the wide range of speakers and performers throughout the year.

  • Continue to offer a wide range of performers during the Summer Library Challenge for families.

  • Continue to offer all programs free of charge to participants.

Maintain Services

  • Continue free notary service at all three locations.

  • Expand mobile hotspots checkout to branches.

  • Maintain costs of copying, printing and faxing at current rates.

Plan B – If Levy Fails

Reduced Operating Hours

  • Either Saturday hours and/or weeknights would be eliminated or reduced at Ida Rupp. Branches would have a reduction in the number of open days.

Cut Future Building Maintenance and Improvements

  • Furniture that is worn and falling apart will not be replaced.

  • Technology will not be upgraded.

  • Inefficient lighting will remain.

  • Bathrooms will continue to deteriorate and accessibility will not be upgraded.

Reduction in Library Materials

  • Removal of Hoopla electronic platform that provides eBook, eAudio books, videos and music.

  • Removal of – Ohio database.

  • Severe reduction in new books ordered.

  • Elimination of half of periodical subscriptions.

  • Elimination of video game purchases.

Reduction in Delivery Days for Statewide Delivery

  • Reduction in number of days the library receives deliveries from other libraries to two days a week, causing increased wait times for materials coming from other libraries.

Cut and Reduced Programming

  • Elimination of paid speakers and/or performers including, but not limited to yoga, history/subject specific lectures, cemetery tours and children’s entertainers.

  • A diminished summer reading program with a large reduction in programs and incentives.

  • Materials fee introduced for any craft programs.

  • Elimination of outreach programs.

Reduction in Services

  • Notary Service eliminated.

  • Elimination of mobile hotspots for checkout.

  • Increase in cost of copying, printing and faxing.

Levy FAQ

Why is the library on the ballot?

The Ida Rupp Public Library’s current levy is a five-year levy that expires in 2023. The Library is asking voters to replace the existing 0.8 mill levy for another five years.

What do the funds from the library levy support?

Funds from the levy support operations at the library from library materials, programs, utilities, facility upkeep and salaries.

Will my taxes go up if the levy is approved?

That is dependent upon any changes to your property values. If your property value has increased since 2019, your taxes will increase based on the current value of your property.

Where does the rest of the library’s budget come from?

In 2022 42% of the budget came from State taxes through the Public Library Fund (PLF). The PLF fluctuates from month to month based on how much revenue the State of Ohio generates. In the past ten years the amount given to libraries from the PLF has historically been below the estimates made by the State by as much as 23%. A very small amount (approximately 4%) comes from the Friends of the Library, donations, grants and library fees.

What happens if the levy replacement request is turned down?

If the levy fails, Ida Rupp Public Library will have to make cuts to our services and service hours, defer maintenance to facilities, reduce library materials, reduce the number of days of service for Statewide Delivery, cut and reduce programs and eliminate services like notary and mobile hotspots. These changes would begin to be implemented in December of 2023 to conserve funds to reduce the impact as much as possible to future budget years. Levy funds from the current levy will run out in 2024 and the reduction mentioned previously will take full effect in 2025.

How much do residents in other jurisdictions in Ottawa County pay for their libraries?

Ida Rupp Public Library has the lowest rate of the three libraries in Ottawa County at .8 mill. Oak Harbor has a 1 mill rate and Harris-Elmore has 1.1 mil rate.

What is the Kaleidoscope program?

About once a year since 2018 Ida Rupp has worked with the Kaleidoscope Youth Center to offer an LGBTQ+101 program for teens in the community. The program is a presentation that explains terminology related to the LGBTQ community.


How are materials selected for the library?

Our trained library staff oversee the selection of library materials based on reviews and popularity as guided by our Library Materials Evaluation and Selection policy.  We strive to purchase a wide variety of materials to satisfy the varied interest and needs of our community.

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