August Director's Dish

August is already upon us and, although I’m not sure about your status, I haven’t read as many books, watched as many movies, and listened to as many audio books as I had hoped. Around Memorial Day, every year, my intentions and expectations rise to the occasion; this Summer, one way or another, I thought I’d finally become that well-versed and well-read connoisseur of culture I aspire to be. But, just like many well-intentioned plans to exercise in January or that baseball team that thinks a winning season is within reach in Spring but find, come August, a losing-record is the reality, my Summers never seem to afford the time (or maybe I don’t make the time!) to relax and indulge in, say, reading a good book. By Labor Day I usually chalk up a ‘lost’ Summer and look forward to an approaching Winter; more time indoors will spur more incentive to read, watch, and listen, right?

Admitting this, my knowledge of what’s popular, June through August, usually falters. And what I hope is that you feel welcome to let us know what you recommend or, more particularly, what you think we should purchase and add to the collection. This open-ended offer, of course, has been, is, and will be always available, and should you feel inspired, please, always, any time of year, share your thoughts with us. Sharing could take the form of a suggestion via phone, a visit to the library’s front desk, or an email!email/d85e8 . Our collection, in any type of media, is only as good as our patrons’, and our community’s, interests. The more guidance we receive from you, the better, as that will strengthen our connection to your reading, viewing, and listening interests.

Having said that, please be on the lookout for more opportunities presented by Ida Rupp to complete, albeit short, online and paper surveys and questionnaires. These will be occasionally available on our website, via social media like our Facebook page, and at our front desk to receive your input about a variety of things: programs, classes, and other services we provide. One such, short, survey is now available here: . Surveying your interests and preferences deserves another Dish unto itself, and perhaps that could serve as a good topic later this year!

Please enjoy the rest of your Summer… and, before ending, I should mention the following:

  • Friends Book Sale: August 4-6

  • The Friends’ 40th Anniversary Reception (details forthcoming): early September

  • The 2nd Annual Community Read (featuring Tim Green, former NFL-player, current broadcaster and attorney, and, notably, author): Monday, September 12.

  • Expect a new Readers’ Advisory page to appear on the library website in August. Interaction is encouraged!


Tim Hagen

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