Marblehead Peninsula Branch Update

Construction has started at the Marblehead Peninsula Branch Library and now we are happy to share the draft of the floorplan layout (click here to see floorplan). New mobile shelving will be installed, in front of the staff desk, that will allow for rearranging when needed. Picture book bins will be positioned in the Children’s area; these bins and other displays will allow children and parents to see the covers to more easily select their own books based on their interests. The building’s interior features will be designed to tie-in with the local surroundings, in particular the lakefront. Carpet, fabric, and paint colors have been selected to reflect warmth and creativity; special local t

February Director's Dish

Despite yesterday’s news that we still have another six weeks of winter to endure, I’ll resolve to remain as positive as possible during the duration. Extra sunshine and returning greenery aren’t really that far away, and the delay of yardwork will afford more time to indulge in all that the library has to offer, right? Accepting the above and explaining what follows below, I’m approaching the month of February, both personally and professionally, as a way to put into practice the habit of trying new things, of pushing myself beyond my typical, usual comfort zone. You could even call this a belated New Year’s resolution. Regardless of the label, though, my attempt, each day this month, will

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