2017 'Make Tracks to the Library' Winter Challenge

Welcome to the 2017 Make Tracks to the Library Winter Challenge! This challenge is open to all ages & the information packet may be picked up at the checkout desk. Keep a log of the books, audiobooks, e-books, Playaways, magazines, and newspapers you read. Also keep a log of the movies you watch and programs you attend. You will receive a drawing slip for each. Bring your log up to the service desk for a staff member to date and initial for you to receive drawing slips. There are three drawings during the challenge: February 3rd, March 3rd, and April 1st. Earn extra drawing slips for the word puzzles and Blackout Bingo page. Take the survey at the end of the winter challenge or for anyone

Marblehead Peninsula Branch Photo Update

Ida Rupp Public Library would like to thank Ex Libris, its members, and its Library Committee for their generous donation to the Marblehead Peninsula Branch Library. Library committee members in attendance for the check presentation were Halle Bruening, Lorrie Halblaub, Tom Hetzel, Mary Ann Hickey, Maureen Kennedy, Kathy Krueger, Maryanne Laubner, Lynn Pasheilich, and Carol Wise. Their gift, a check in the amount of $40,000.00, was presented to Ida Rupp Public Library Board President James Widmer and Director Tim Hagen. The donation is earmarked towards building features that will enhance the availability and use of the community meeting rooms: a high-quality moveable, divider wall and secur

January Director's Dish

Another year has come and gone and, as I write this, I can’t but help wonder if 2017 will pass by as quickly as 2016. My assumption is, ‘yes, it will… and it may pass even faster!’. Some early indications leading me to have this belief concern, namely, the ongoing work to open the new Marblehead Peninsula Branch Library later this year. Without doubt, this is an exciting and unique opportunity for the Ida Rupp Public Library system. Opening an entirely new branch (or any type of point of service) isn’t nearly as common today as in the past. The relatively close, and recently opened, King Road Branch library, in the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library system, really is the exception, not the n

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