Marblehead Peninsula Branch Update

The Marblehead Peninsula Branch Library is a step closer to starting construction. Ida Rupp Public Library is happy to announce The Spieker Company, based in Perrysburg, as our construction contractor. Their projects include the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library King Road Branch, UT Honors Academic Village, various buildings in relation to ProMedica Health & Wellness, and the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library’s Kent Branch Library addition. Photos of their projects are available at The next step is a pre-construction meeting to be held in early January. More details, including interior design pictures, will be posted after the next meeting. Please

New Ida Rupp App Coming Soon!

The Ida Rupp Public Library is upgrading its mobile app to make accessing the library, online, even easier. Our new app will not be available for several months as we are working on improving mobile experience. The upgrades include the following: A digital library card that will always be available on your phone. The ability to search for events and add them to your Apple or Google calendar. Account notifications for holds, card expiration, and fines. iBeacon technology. iBeacons are low energy Bluetooth broadcasting devices. You can opt-in to receive general messages, event information, and circulation notices on your phone when visiting the library. In the meantime, we do have several apps

December Director's Dish

The end of the year, from early November through December, seemingly always rushes by. Holidays are bunched together, family members’ birthdays dot the calendar, and tying up loose ends at home and at work can make one feel stressed, harried, and overwhelmed. A way I have started to cope with the end-of-year hustle is to acknowledge and list things for which I’m thankful and things that provide calm and peace. Doing so helps me focus on, more often than not, the positive and the humor in any given situation. Below are listed several, but certainly not all-inclusive, library-related things for which I’m grateful: Curious, loyal, and supportive patrons Bright, dedicated, and engaged staff and

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