2017 'Make Tracks to the Library' Winter Challenge

Welcome to the 2017 Make Tracks to the Library Winter Challenge! This challenge is open to all ages & the information packet may be picked up at the checkout desk.

  • Keep a log of the books, audiobooks, e-books, Playaways, magazines, and newspapers you read. Also keep a log of the movies you watch and programs you attend. You will receive a drawing slip for each.

  • Bring your log up to the service desk for a staff member to date and initial for you to receive drawing slips.

  • There are three drawings during the challenge: February 3rd, March 3rd, and April 1st.

  • Earn extra drawing slips for the word puzzles and Blackout Bingo page.

  • Take the survey at the end of the winter challenge or for anyone who completely crosses out their Bingo page, there will be an extra drawing.

Have a good time and stay warm!

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