November Director's Dish

Cozying up… at the Library?

The end of the year, holidays, and pending Winter aren’t far away and I find myself increasingly reluctant to step foot outside: the rigors of house yard work are nearly over, colder winds are whistling through bare tree tops, and skies are becoming cloudier and more gray by the day. I don’t need much more incentive to stay inside now and spend time doing activities I enjoy most including, of course, reading. Not all librarians’ habits are as predictable as this, however!

Although Ida Rupp doesn’t have a built-in fireplace and hot chocolate-filled mugs on demand, I welcome you to reconnect with us… and this building, in particular. Especially in a way that perhaps not many of us do at public libraries, Ida Rupp included, much anymore: reading, browsing, and viewing. Here, inside the building.

The act of actually staying at the library to do the above, at least anecdotally, seems to be fading away, and is not just a habit slowly going out of style but a dying-art form, if you will. Curling up with a book doesn’t have to require a check-out and a walk-out. Ida Rupp does offer a reading area near the main, Madison Street side, entrance that is partly enclosed by the wall-lined magazine stands. It’s a welcome sight to notice the art of browsing, and of reading, when walking across, in, and through the library on a given day. Whether books, newspapers, magazines, or even dictionaries, these materials are also meant to be indulged here, using the library’s chairs and couches and small meeting rooms: they’re meant not just to be used but enjoyed.

So, the next time you visit Ida Rupp, please take a moment to glance around the building and notice who and how many are reading. If you’re so inclined, I encourage you to envision yourself doing the same, even if only on a rare occasion. Who knows, you may even create the chance to strike up a conversation with someone new, whether another patron or perhaps even a staff member. This simple act may give you a different perspective on the library in that it’s not simply a place to come and go, whether to pick-up and item or attend a program or class, but a place to relax, to settle, and to, of course, enjoy! The experience and the people can be and are, arguably, just as important as the books, movies, materials, and services that the library provides.

On an unrelated note, please remember that November is once again a fine forgiveness month (Food for Fines). Inquire at the front desk or visit for details.

Please have a warm and relaxing November and a hearty Thanksgiving. Here’s hoping you find or make time to indulge in reading, whether at home or, in particular, here at the library.

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