May Director's Dish

April came and went in a hurry, very typical of this time of year’s weather fronts: from warm and sunny to cold and wet, the changes ran the gamut. It’s the definitive month in Ohio where winter transitions and transforms into spring. Although May is now upon us, and summer sports leagues, the school year’s end, and planned vacations harken, please pardon me for playing catch-up as I briefly look backwards and devote some well-deserved attention to the previous month.

The bond between April and public libraries is especially strong for two important causes are recognized during this time: National Library Week and Volunteer Appreciation Month. In our own way, we at Ida Rupp, like many other public libraries nationally, annually recognize the importance of libraries and the many dedicated volunteers. From shelving to unpacking interlibrary loans, from digitizing materials to calling patrons with available holds, our volunteers consistently and tirelessly help.

It’s quite easy to argue that Volunteer Appreciation Month could be stretched to an entire year. And of course, though biased as I am, I’d also reason that National Library Week be extended into a longer observance. But until that officially happens (for we can dream, right?), I’d like the community to realize our celebration of National Library Week does continue, albeit unofficially.

When visiting Ida Rupp in the coming weeks, I encourage you (and thank those of you who may have completed one of the following already) to walk the short hallway located between the children’s department and the staff workroom. When there, please take a moment to peruse the many posted, stark white ‘Because’ statements, statements explaining why libraries matter to community individuals who took the time to reflect and share. By reading these, I hope you’ll become inspired to continue, rekindle, or even begin a relationship as a patron, a volunteer, or both.

You can expect to see later in May, via our website, social media outlets, and at the library, posted ‘Because’ statements from Ida Rupp staff members. This is yet another way we can share with you, patrons and volunteers alike, our appreciation for public libraries, and the ways in which libraries transform lives, in general, Ida Rupp in particular.

For more information about ‘Because’ statements, please visit, an initiative started by the American Library Association.

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