Marblehead Peninsula Branch Photo Update

Ida Rupp Public Library would like to thank Ex Libris, its members, and its Library Committee for their generous donation to the Marblehead Peninsula Branch Library. Library committee members in attendance for the check presentation were Halle Bruening, Lorrie Halblaub, Tom Hetzel, Mary Ann Hickey, Maureen Kennedy, Kathy Krueger, Maryanne Laubner, Lynn Pasheilich, and Carol Wise. Their gift, a check in the amount of $40,000.00, was presented to Ida Rupp Public Library Board President James Widmer and Director Tim Hagen. The donation is earmarked towards building features that will enhance the availability and use of the community meeting rooms: a high-quality moveable, divider wall and security gates. This is yet another definitive example of our community’s generous support of, and the library’s gratitude for, the Ida Rupp Public Library system.

And now for a sneak peek of visuals! We hope you are as excited as we to show you the beginning stages of the interior construction. Each photo below is labeled with the developing area. Next steps will include projects such as filling-in concrete floor trenches, insulating the interior walls, leveling floors, and pouring (weather pending) exterior concrete stoops and sidewalks.

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